We  would like to say Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who made it to Kingsley Heritage festival. 


This year's Kingsley Heritage Festival has been canceled due to concerns about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic our country is currently experiencing.  This was not an easy decision to make.  We wanted to make sure we kept our community safe.  

We have scheduled our next festival for the last weekend in August of 2021.  As the dates get closer, we will bring that information to you, our community members. 

Thank you again for all who were able to attend our 2019 festival and we look forward to seeing you in 2021!

Our 2021 Board Members

President -          Wendy Cabinaw

Vice President - Ann Olson

Treasurer -          Kathy Burbank

Secretary -          Jeff Yack

2021 Trustees

Connie Kreiser

Bonnie Clark

Heather Bartlemay


We would like to announce that we have made a few changes for the 2021 Kingsley Heritage Festival.  

We are in the process of moving our festival location to the Kingsley Civic Center South!  We hope that by doing so, we can create a bigger and safer area for many families to come out and celebrate our wonderful town while maintaining a safe measure of space for everyone. 

More change announcements to come as they are finalized.  

Kingsley, MI

The Village of Kingsley, Michigan is an ever growing rural community that strives to maintain its small town feel. Within the village limits you will find the historic downtown district. The streets are lined with patterned sidewalks lit with decorative street lamps and cross walks for easy access to area businesses and parks.  We are a small community that takes pride in our small town and all the wonderful families who have made this town their home.

With such a wonderful small town, a group of individuals came together to preserve our heritage and continue the sense of community we are proud of. So the Kingsley Heritage Days Festival was created.  Every year since, a committee is formed to keep that tradition going! 

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